Sarah writes stories

Sarah Day is an author of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and many other flavors of speculative fiction. Her work is heavily influenced by festival culture, body modification, mental illness and family trauma, non-traditional relationships, and scary ghosts.

Sarah is an SFWA member, a NESFA short story contest runner-up, has a short story available in PseudoPod, and will be published in the 99 Tiny Terrors anthology and in Underland Arcana.

She's terrified all the time and considers that an asset.


Technical writing

Sarah explains things

Sarah Day is an experienced technical writer, editor, and project manager who specializes in bringing comprehensible content to your screen. She can explain everything from how to reset your password to how to set up an SDK.


Her background includes bread-and-butter product docs, UI and in-app copy, publication tool conversion and implementation, and documentation team development. She is currently LaunchDarkly's technical writing manager. Read her full resume on LinkedIn.

If you get into an argument with her about the Oxford comma, you will lose and she will win.