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Fiction: Projects
  • Forthcoming: GREYHOWLER | Debut horror novella, Underland Press. 2023

  • Forthcoming: Your 13-Month Bridal Planner for The Feast of One Flesh | Cosmic Horror Monthly

  • Forthcoming: Overclocked Holmes (with Tim Pratt) | The Reinvented Detective Anthology

  • The Nightmare ExchangeThe Old Ways: Anthology of Ritual and Lore, Vol. 2, Eerie River Publishing

  • Salvage Sirens (with Tim Pratt) | Farther Reefs: Ten Stories of Ocean Adventure, New Relationships, and Nautical MysterySpace Wizard Science Fantasy 

  • Celestial Shores (with Tim Pratt) | PseudoPod, 2022

  • The Heart of the Party | The Future Fire, 2022

  • Fog Net | Underland Arcana, 2021

  • Would You Like To Rate Your Experience? | 99 Tiny Terrors, 2021

  • Keeping House | PseudoPod, 2021

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